Triple Detox-a wellness wisdom fusion

     Het Hassagehuys, Jan Evertsenstraat 110, Amsterdam.


Het Hassagehuys, Jan Evertsenstraat 110, Amsterdam.

As the plane descended for an early morning landing, a maze of canals reflected the sun. Amsterdam.

My first stop was strategically planned for a weary traveler.

Het Massagehuys, which means The Massage Home, is located on a neighborhood-y commercial strip in the Baarsjes in Amsterdam West. Close enough to walk from the trendy tourist areas, but far enough that I was the only tourist in sight. Het Massagehuys offers traditional oriental massages, in an architecturally sleek Dutch setting. 

Shelf upon shelf of massage oils are displayed in the entry against a mirrored wall. Throwing off pale green, ochre and pink tints, the artisanal blended oils complement the various massages on the menu: Tiger power Oil for the Strong Muscle; and, a Fresh Mint in fusion oil enhances the Everyday Energy massage.

The “Authentic Asian” massage was tempting, because I am always keen to tap into the ancient wisdom about wellness. But, after flying from Afghanistan to Kenya to the Netherlands, I needed the “Deep Detox”.

Long, slow massage strokes sweep toxins along to the lymph nodes. Detox oil stimulates the liver and kidneys to hasten the toxins’ journey out of your system.

At the end of the massage, I was offered a pot of nettle tea to further help flush out the toxins. My Serb friends swear by nettle tea’s cleansing property.

Thus revived, I was ready to explore Amsterdam.