From Balinese lawar at a street kiosk to reimagined street food at Will Meyrick's Hujan Locale, Ubud offers endless culinary options that you can adapt for a family dinner or a party for friends.

Bali is a design hub that attracts artisans from around the world.  Marcello Massoni and Michela Foppiani, Italian ceramists, have transplanted their family to Bali where they own and operate Gaya Ceramic.  They create unique pieces and lines for local restaurants and international clients.  

There are lots of fabulous spas in Ubud, but it is definitely worth veering off the beaten path to the Karsa Spa.   You can be pampered in Karsa's outdoor treatment rooms, complete with showers and soaking tubs, surrounded by vibrant rice paddies and a dramatic Bali sky.  The handcrafted aromatherapy massage oils are complemented by the frangipani flowers everywhere.

Ubud rice paddy view from Karsa Spa.jpg

Complement the health benefits of a good massage with the traditional Indonesian detox drink, jamu. Made with turmeric, ginger, lime and tamarind, jamu is a cure-all in Indonesia.  Think you're catching a cold? Drink jamu. Menstrual cramps? Drink jamu.  

Indonesian jamu.jpg