Unplugged Courtyard

We walk the few blocks to Unplugged Courtyard, which has recently introduced South African braai to Delhi. We pass through a charming leafy courtyard, trees strung with fairy lights, to ascend to the rooftop deck where the coals of the braai glow red-hot. Clear covered containers hold the meats and fish, submerged in their marinades of various hues. Tumeric yellow. Cilantro green. Chili pink. “Grab a meat candy @unpluggedcourtyard” reads an ad on the restaurant’s Instagram feed. It’s true that I feel like a kid in a candy shop as I try to choose. I settle on the fish in a cilantro marinade and watch it sizzle on the grill. The fish is moist and tangy with spices. Our friends in Cape Town would approve. Mister Tikku goes for the popular, decidedly Asian, Ganna chicken, which is grilled on a sugar cane skewer until a caramelized outer layer seals in the juicy chicken.